You Got Hail. Don't sweat.

1. CALL US at 303-807-0398 to schedule a Free Estimate of your damaged car. This can be done at our facility or one of our Estimator will come to your house, office or whatever is most convenient to you, at no cost.
2. Paintless Dent Repair of Denver will guide you through the insurance claim process.
3. If you do not have rental car coverage included in your insurance policy, we will provide to you a Free Rental Car while we repair your vehicle.
4. When we get your vehicle in the shop, our Auto Hail Repair Specialist will performs a thorough inspection of the hail damages and submit a detailed repair evaluation of your vehicle to your insurance company. Your insurance company will assign a Claim Adjuster and he then will conduct another inspection of all of the damages on the claim. We will work with the Claim Adjuster and negotiate the best possible claim on your behalf.
5. When we get the final approval for the car repair from your car insurance, our Hail Damage experts will use special Paintless Dent Repair techniques to remove dents and dings from the body of the hail damaged vehicle.
6. We will keep you updated during the car repair and when the repair is completed, we will detail your car and schedule a convenient time to return it to you.